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Kunshan Tehui Plastic Mould is located in the Kunshan National New & High-tech Zone of Jiangsu Province, which boasts beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. Established in 2011, it is currently in possession of over 3,500 square meters of standard production workshops, 78 employees, and achieves an annual output value of nearly RMB 50 million. As a fast-growing joint venture, it has passed IATF: 16949 quality management system certification, and specializes in plastic moulds, injection moulding, etc. Its main products include Japanese auto parts (Honda, Toyota, Mazda, etc.), electric tools, air conditioners, electronic products and other export plastic moulds, with customers mainly distributed in Europe, America, Japan and other places.

The guidance of Japanese consultants, the company has established good cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign customers and won unanimous praise with its skillful manufacturing experience of precision moulds and unique mode of management and operation.

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Contacts:Mr Bai ?(0)13773133295  Tel: (86) 0512-57628580?50335774  
Fax: (86) 0512-36809928  E-mail: :tehui2011@163.com  Site:www.kstehui.com
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